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Thursday, October 6, 2016

How to import customized nickvoices to Voice Changer Diamond 9

There are many software program out there can assist users in changing their voice completely. The developing technology helps every new program more unique and their abilities seem unlimited. However, we frankly think AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is quite outstanding among all because it doesn’t only provide a frequently updated sample voice output menu (a.k.a. “nickvoices”) like other software, this voice changer even allows us to import our own customized nickvoices to enrich this list and to serve various voice changing purposes.

Typically, Voice Changer Software Diamond (VCSD) is able to change our voices in different ways, including Voice Morpher module or the quick use of built-in nickvoices. For more details about this cool program, you can check out several voice changing tutorial we’ve guided so far using VCSD:

Download Voice Changer Program

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In this tutorial, we’re showing you a nice way to import any type of nickvoice you like to the program for immediate use later, so that you won’t ever be limited by the provided ones only!

Step 1: Locate VCSD’s “Save” folder

‘Save’ folder is the location where VCSD configuration is stored, so whenever you import a new customized nickvoice here, VCSD will automatically recognize and show it in Nickvoice list.

Path to ‘Save’ folder:

In Windows 2K/XP/2003 >> C:\documents and settings\%username%\application data\avnex\vcs8\save

In Vista and Windows 7 >> C:\Users\PC\AppData\Roaming\Avnex\VCS8\save

Tip: To enter this folder, type %appdata% in Run dialog box or Start menu search box. Then go to avnex\vcs8\save subfolders.

Step 2: Copy nickvoice components to “save” folder

Go to ‘Save’ folder as instructed above.

Copy new nickvoice file (.nvc) to this folder.

Copy nickvoice components to “save” folder

Copy nickvoice components to “save” folder

Also, copy nickvoice’s component settings (*.eq, *.fmnt, *.veq, …) to this folder.

Note: It is recommended to add multiple nickvoices for various choice.

Step 3: Load pre-saved nickvoice

Return to the main panel, click on Nickvoice Load button (1)

Load pre-saved nickvoice 1

A list of pre-saved nickvoice(s) will show up (2). Like other presets, all new settings will be applied immediately once you select the nickvoice you want to use for the project.

Or you may Click Browse button (3) to browse to downloaded nickvoice on your computer.

Note: If your nickvoice file (.nvc) comes along with advanced settings, do similar tasks to load custom Equalizer (.eq), Effects (.efs), Formant Morpher (.fmnt) …

Load pre-saved nickvoice 2

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