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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How to Change Voice in Facebook Voice Chat

In this tutorial, we will guide you an easy way to modify your voice and make it sound completely different while using voice chat with your friends via Facebook chat. In order to make this task simpler, our tool-of-choice will be AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9 (VCSD9) from Audio4fun.com.

You can download AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9 by clicking on the below button:
Download Voice Changer Program
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Step 1: Turn on Virtual Audio Device mode (VAD)

Launch the program.

main panel

On the main right panel, click Preferences >> tick Virtual Driver Mode when VCS Preferences window is open >> OK.

turn on VAD

Step 2: Prepare your voice

Before getting started, plugin your high-quality microphone so that you voice will sound clearer for the morphing process.

Speak to the microphone and start making adjustments to the voice. Read our step-by-step guide for changing voice here.

Step 3: Configure audio settings in Recording setting device

Right click on Speaker icon and click "Recoring Devices"

On tab recording, right click on "Microphone - Avsoft Virtual Audio Device" then click "Set As default device". Click OK to apply the setting.

From now on, VCSD9’s Virtual Audio Driver will be the main audio input in Facebook.

Step 4: Start voice chat session with your new voice

Now everything is ready! You can start speaking to your friends with the new morphed voice. Don’t forget to capture your friends’ reactions after hearing your weird voice.

Note: Because you’ve set VAD as you main audio driver, morphing settings will still be applied automatically. To change driver back to normal, you simply turn off VAD mode in VCSD9.

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