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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Voice changer software, change your voice with top nickvoice

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is the masterful assistant that all audiophiles desire. This Audio4fun’s software provides you with really powerful modules to change your voice, to unleash your creativity and unlock a new audio world. (See Review about Audio4fun)

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To control it effectively, you have to learn about nickvoice -  Aka Pre-set Voice Output. These things help you make all possibilities true and break all normal logic. Inspired by real persons or movie characters, nickvoices gives you the ability to joke in the most stylish way or even live the others lives naturally. With them, you are free to force the scariest ghost to sing the loveliest lyrical, or make the noblest woman scream and shout in your very own ways.

Do voice-over, voice dubbing; mimic voice in real time with Voice Changer Software

Must-Have Nickvoice for using with voice changer software

For changing a male voice to a female voice Bussiness woman nickvoice, irresponsible girl nickvoice, middle-age woman nickvoice, open-minded girl nickvoice, sad girl nickvoice, sweet woman nickvoice, teen-age girl nickvoice, woman-robot nickvoice, young nurse nickvoice, young teacher nickvoice...

For changing voice for Christmas: Frostman nickvoice, New Year Witch nickvoice, Santa's Granddaughter nickvoice, Santa Claus nickvoice, Snowflake nickvoice, Snowman nickvoice, Winter Fairy nickvoice, X-mas Deer nickvoice, X-mas Gnome nickvoice, Yety nickvoice...

For changing voice for Halloween: Magic nickvoice, Oldie voice nickvoice, Vampire voice for female nickvoice, Vampire voice for male nickvoice, Witch voice nickvoice...

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You can find all above nickvoice packages at this link: http://support.audio4fun.com/index.php?option=com_addon&view=category&id=2

More information about "what is nickvoice?", "how to download and install nickvoice to change voice?", click here: What is nickvoice?

How to Download / Buy Voice Changer Software Diamond

Because Nickvoice is presetted  to change voice in AV Voice Changer Diamond, you need install AV Voice Changer Diamond first.

Download free trial version at http://www.audio4fun.com/download.php?product=vcsdiamond&type=exe

Full version with more pro features is $99.95 $69.97. (See more detail)

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