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Friday, March 28, 2014

April Fools' Day prank call with voice changing program

Your ‘victim’ will NEVER EVER forget this April 1!

Hey eager pranksters everywhere, if you're ready to "attack", don't miss your chance to grab Audio4fun's most effective tools for making pranks at a huge saving of $200!

Seriously, that's no April Fools! Once you purchase Voice Changer Software Diamond, you will immediately receive our superior multimedia program, Media Player Morpher PLUS valued at $200, as a FREE gift.

With the great assistance of these two programs, you can now fool your friends around the world without their suspicions.

Voice Changer Software Diamond 8.0
- Create the voice of a teacher, a boss, etc. and tell your target your “shocking” news.
- Send them scary E-greeting cards or “threatening” voice messages.
- Pretend to be a famous celebrity and completely “drive them crazy.”
» And more pranks ideas from us.
Media Player Morpher PLUS
- Apply a huge library of special audio/morphing effects and produce a cool prank video/audio clip.
- Fast upload and share your clip on YouTube, Dailymotion or Make4fun.
- Further advanced recording, editing, and conversion tasks.

Don't panic yet! It's not over, as you will also receive a FULL one-year support package for these tools.

Join our April Fools' Sale now and you won't be a looser on this day! Remember to get your camera ready because your victim's reaction will be amazingly hilarious.

Hurry! This sale ends April 05, 2014 and that’s no joke either!

Visit http://www.audio4fun.com/promotion.htm for more information now.

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