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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What is nickvoice in Voice Changer Software

Nickvoice is a audio terminology which customers will meet when learning and using AV Voice Changer Software. It was started from "Nickname", Nickvoice - aka the ready-to-use output voices is known as a nickname of a specific voice and as a replacement for voice, which is used simply for convenience.

Nickvoice is presetted to change voice in real time with VoIP and Instant Messaging programs, online games or different purposes. You also can create and save your own Nickvoice by using Voice Changer Software.
Using nickvoice with Voice Changer Software
Change voice by using nickvoice with Voice Changer Software

1. Kinds of Nickvoice:

- Genders nickvoice: Female voice, Male voice
- Famous people nickvoice: Justin Bieber Nickvoice , Obama Nickvoice , The Artist - Oscar Award 2012
- Animals Nickvoice (cat, cow, dog, chipmunk,...)
- Music Nickvoice (March, rock, pop, …)
- Nature Phenomena Nickvoice (blizzard, earthquake, fire, flood,...)
- Holiday nickvoice: New Year, Valentine, April Fools Day, July Fourth, Summer, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas.
- Movie nickvoice
- Games nickvoice

2. Download and install Nickvoice

Go to this site: http://support.audio4fun.com/index.php?option=com_addon&view=category&id=2
and download any Nickvoice Package.

- Install Nickvoice:
If you dowload .exe files, Nickvoice package will be added into software automatically
If you download .rar or .zip files, you need to extract it and manually load into compatible module (.nvc files with Voice morpher, .eq file with Equalizer respectively...).

How to download Voice Changer Software Diamond

Because Nickvoice is presetted  to change voice in AV Voice Changer Diamond, you need install AV Voice Changer Diamond first.

Download free trial version at http://hotdownloads2.com/trialware/download/Download_vcsdiamond70.exe?item=6129-7&affiliate=611063

Full version with more pro features is $99.95. (See more detail)

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