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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Santa Voice Changer, talk like Santa Claus by Santa Voice-over

Santa Clause is coming to town. Do you want to talk like Santa Claus in this Christmas? This tutorial will show you how to do that with Santa Voice Changer by AV Voice Changer Software

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You can also read an example, make children believe that Santa Claus exists

Step 1: Set Timbre and Pitch like Santa voice with VCSD

Open VCSD and by move the pointer (1) to change your Pitch, Pointer (2) to change your Timbre. 2 Action will make your voice to almost same Santa voice as you like.

The Pointer (3) will adjust the voice is beter. Move it as you want for better result.

The cursor's position will define how your voice changed. To change my voice like Santa Claus, I move cursor to 61% Pitch and 87% Timbre.

Step 2: Make Santa voice to warmer

I suggest you to use Make-ups or Sound Quality and the Equalizer to make your voice (Santa voice now) more warmer.

Use Make-ups or Sound Quality, Equalizer if you want to become pro.

Now, Santa Claus voice is available for using on the upcoming Christmas. Let's call to your friends, your family or your kids then say "Merry Christmas" with Santa Claus voice make by yourself. (How to change voice with Skype, Ventrilo, Yahoo, AIM, QQ,... )
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